Alex Berardi


Alex is not one to cry easily, but the one thing that consistently gets the tears flowing is watching people perform. Alex has a passion for creativity and helping her fellow visionaries realize their dreams.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia Gwinnett College. Alex’s specialty is her experience and understanding of play therapy and engaging students who use alternative forms of communications. Her ability to adapt creative processes to fit her student’s unique profiles allows her to create an inclusive environment for all. Alex also uses the letter boards in her classes to engage students in their ideas and to allow for more active participation.

As a former teacher and summer camp counselor, Alex is fun-loving, supportive, and always down for a good laugh. Her experience includes teaching preschoolers and working closely with neurodiverse students ages 5-19. In addition, she developed a program called Connections Collective to work alongside her students in developing various forms of content media. 


Alex’s passion has always been acting and since elementary she has continued to train in acting and voice.  She has appeared in shows like The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe and Beauty & the Beast and has been working on independent films since 2018. As an avid learner Alex continues to develop her acting chops at the Alliance Theatre and trains in voice with Calli McRae of Bloom Vocal Studio. Currently, Alex is writing her own content, working as a digital host for ATL UTD, a freelance video editor, and voice over artist, and actively auditioning.


Most importantly, Alex’s positive energy and free spirit captures her student’s attention and motivates others to dare to dream big. 

What dreams do you have?!

I'd love to hear! Connect with me on my instagram or email me to connect about sessions with collective minds co. 

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