Reels & Toks

Short form video has TAKEN OVER THE PLANET - *cough* I mean - social media. Consumers & audiences are spending hours a day scrolling through their feeds to enjoy bite sized videos that aim to educate, inspire, and entertain. These packages are designed for businesses and content creators who are looking for a video editor to help ideate, conceptualize, and execute short form video to increase brand awareness and build community. Interested? Let's hop on a call to see if this is right for you.


Ah the art of a good vlog - you know it! Which is why you have a community of supporters who depend on your videos to entertain them & educate them. If you're ready to take hours off of your plate let's hop on a call and talk about your channel. These packages are based on up to 20 minutes final run time and include royalty free music, motion graphics, & stock assets.

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The Podcast BFF

The future of podcasting is an involved, curated sensory experience. Fully immerse your audience into your content with multi-sensory tools designed to support each

unique listener.


Pave a new way for the future of podcasting.